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Dallas Clark To Buccaneers Likely Done, Kellen Winslow On Move

Dallas Clark visited the Chiefs last week and Sports Illustrated's Peter King said they were the front runners to land the former Colts tight end. Apparently that's not the case.

The Bucs, however, are expected to part ways with longtime starter Kellen Winslow instead. They will likely dangle him via trade, but it's a real possibility that Winslow becomes a free agent if released. The team will part with him one way or the other.

If the Chiefs are interested in Clark enough to bring him in then it stands to reason that Winslow definitely deserves the same. Clark hasn't been injury free since 2009 and is a major risk for a tight end set that already has the injury prone Tony Moeaki and also Kevin Boss, who ended his season with an injury last year.

Winslow was also very productive for a poor team last year with 75 catches for over 700 yards and 3 touchdowns.

If the Chiefs were to add a player like Winslow, it would definitely become one of the better additions to the offense this offseason.