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NFL Makes Hip And Thigh Pads Mandatory For 2013 Season

The NFL is undoubtedly going to make several rule changes over the next couple of years as more and more controversy comes out over player safety -- whether from a tragedy like the death of Junior Seau or the ongoing lawsuits by former players against the league. The latest is a new level of player safety in the form of more pads necessitated as part of the player uniform.

The Players Association will undoubtedly contest this since many players will not want the additional bulk on the uniform. It separates the slight edge that some players have, or at least that will be the argument, although the players can't have it both ways. The NFL must take measures to make the game safer to ensure the future of the league and the current players have to deal with the changes.

This time of transition is not likely to make anyone happy in the end, but some level of compromise will be reached and measures to protect players will be taken -- like it or not.