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Kansas City Chiefs OTAs: Injuries Prevent 3 Players From Practicing

Three Kansas City Chiefs players didn't practice on Thursday due to injuries.

Offensive lineman Jeff Allen, running back Cyrus Gray and defensive back De'Quan Menzie have missed time with various problems. Allen has missed the last two days, and Gray has been out all week.

Gray and Menzie are out with hamstring injuries, while Allen could have a foot or ankle injury.

Arrowhead Pride has comments from head coach Romeo Crennel, which were released by the Chiefs:

"I really don't have a timetable because the injuries are different for different players, and they heal differently. Basically, Cyrus has missed all week. Jeff missed two days. So, after this long weekend and a weekend of treatment, we'll see where they are. Like I said, hopefully we can get them back on the field next week."

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