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Dexter McCluster Likely To Play Versatile Role On Chiefs Offense Under Brian Daboll

Are the Kansas City Chiefs going to feature Dexter McCluster? Are they going to trade him? Is there a place for him? Will he become a central part of the offense? No one seems to know what the Chiefs will do with the former second round draft choice, especially after the Chiefs drafted players for depth who fit McCluster’s profile at both wide receiver and running back in the 2012 NFL Draft with Devon Wylie and Cyrus Gray.

Yet so far in the offseason workouts for the Chiefs, McCluster is getting time at wide receiver and earning kudos from the coaching staff.

"We’ve given Dexter reps at the wide receiver position in this new offense because we feel like he knows how to play running back and we can put him over at running back at any point in time, but we felt like he needed the work at wide receiver," head coach Romeo Crennel explained. "Probably what that will do is open it up for us to be able to use him however and whenever. We need him at whatever position. He’s taken to it really well. He’s been enthusiastic about it, so that is working out pretty well for us."

McCluster says he’s taking it all in stride, doing what is necessary to become a better player.

"I’m learning everything that I can learn," McCluster said. "Whenever you are asked to do something in this sport, you go out and do it. Coach Daboll is a guy with a winning attitude that knows the ins-and-outs of running a successful offense and I think he’s going to put us in the right situations to be successful."

McCluster rushed 114 times for 516 yards and caught another 46 passes for 328 yards in 2012.

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