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Jamaal Charles Still Believes He's Fastest Player On Chiefs Even After ACL Injury

The Kansas City Chiefs can only hope that Jamaal Charles is an accurate predictor of his own circumstances right now. Even though he's coming off of an ACL injury that required surgery and rehab all offseason, the All Pro running back says he's still the fastest player on the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are going to need him to be the kind of playmaker he was before the injury if they are going to handle the rest of the AFC West and make a move in the playoffs. The Chiefs added some better pass protection and offensive help this offseason, but there's no doubting the best player on the field is still Charles. When he's truly on, he's among the very best in the NFL.

If not, the Chiefs will also have new free agent signee Peyton Hillis to go with Dexter McCluster and rookie Cyrus Gray, a sixth round choice out of Texas A&M.

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