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Pro Bowl 2013 To Be Held In Hawaii Instead Of New Orleans

The discussion around the NFL shows that no one quite knows what to do with the Pro Bowl at this point. Do they kill it? Do they move it? Do they change some of the rules. Apparently, they're not going to do anything at all for the time being. The NFL ruled today that they aren't going to change a thing for the next game, keeping it in Hawaii the week before the Super Bowl. That's one more year of fans and media grumbling about poor play, a meaningless game and the need to do something once again.

"The players have made it clear through the NFL Players Association that they would like the opportunity to continue to play the Pro Bowl in Hawaii," said NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Ray Anderson. "We will support the players on this initiative to improve the Pro Bowl. We have had many discussions with the players in recent years about the Pro Bowl and they recognize that the quality of the game has not been up to NFL standards. We look forward to working with the players toward the goal of improving the competitiveness of this season's game."