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NFL Draft 2012: Dontari Poe, Bruce Irvin, Quinton Coples Among Prospects With Questions

As Charley Casserly looks over the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, every prospect is going to have some level of question or concern as they make the transition into the NFL. But some will have more than others and Casserly has identified the main concerns in his latest column over at

From Robert Griffin III to the Chiefs Dontari Poe, he believes some will obviously have trouble making it. While he personally likes Poe for the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 11, he recognizes some qeustions.

“He has the ability to be a Pro Bowl nose tackle,” writes Charlie Casserly. "The Chiefs had their pick of all of the tackles in the draft and choose him.

“In the games I watched, Poe played well and hustled. I saw a player who was strong and explosive in his play. He was disruptive. I saw him stuff the run and get pressure on the quarterback. There were times he lost sight but not often enough to cause me a problem. Other people did not see the same effort I saw, thus causing concern.”

The Chiefs certainly hope he can plug the middle. As a three-down defensive lineman, Poe could be an invaluable addition along the line who frees up the guys around him even more than they’ve been in the recent past. If the Chiefs already had a solid defense, they could become an elite unit behind a player like that. Then again, it could be the latest in a long line of high DT draft choices that didn’t pan out in KC.

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