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Kansas Tight End Tim Biere Gets Chance With Kansas City Chiefs As Undrafted Free Agent

Former Kansas tight end Tim Biere was always on the fringe of getting a solid amount of attention for his craft, since the ability and versatility was definitely there. The Mackey Award placed him on their watch list on a couple of occasions, and the KU tight end can do several things well. But the lack of success in Lawrence doesn’t help anyone’s pro chances, and Biere’s numbers never stood out on their own.

Consequently, Biere went undrafted last weekend as the 2012 NFL Draft announced several names without mentioning his. However, that doesn’t mean that many teams weren’t interested in getting a closer look.

“From everyone I talked to, they pretty much said I’d be a priority free agent,” said Biere to “Going through the draft, you’re kind of like, ‘What if it happens?’ but I kind of knew it wasn’t gonna happen.”

Biere ended up choosing the Chiefs over the other teams because of their proximity and his familiarity with the team. The Chiefs apparently still believe they have a need at tight end and brought in Dallas Clark recently. He has yet to sign and that could signal a possibility for Biere to impress in camp. The Chiefs already like a few things about Biere’s game as it is.

“The Kansas City guy just said that he thinks I’m a tough football player and he thought I could stick around there for a while,” Biere said. “He said he liked how I gave a lot of effort and just did a lot of things well.”

Biere caught 27 passes in 2011 for 322 yards and 2 touchdowns.