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Chop Talk Highlights From Sunday Night

A brief transcript of the Chop Talk show from Sunday night.

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It was another great episode of Chop Talk on Sunday night after a few technical issues to start the show. I've highlighted a few of the points made by each of the great guests we had on the show and I've quoted those below.

These are just a few of the points made by the guests so if you want to hear the show in its' entirety then please click the link right here.

Cecil Lammey, NFL Insider from 102.3 ESPN Radio in Denver and Sr. Writer at

I see (AFC West) as a two team race. This is Denver. This is KC. San Diego on the way down, Oakland is Oakland and this will come down to Denver and KC in my eyes. You try and replace Vincent Jackson with Robert Meachem? That's a laugh out loud moment right there. AJ Smith, the lord of no rings.

I will be honest with you, there are about 20 teams in the league that are kidding themselves at quarterback. Absolutely kidding themselves, 20 teams. The Chiefs are one of those. Matt Cassel is the Achilles heal for this team. I look at Jamaal Charles, the addition of Peyton Hillis, this is very strong. Jonathan Baldwin should be getting better, Steve Breaston, Dwayne Bowe, DBowe, D-Show! of course one of the best in the league. I love Wiggles Wiley out of Fresno State, I saw him down at the shrine game. He's a super-charged Wes Welker. Wiggles Wylie is going to be awesome for you guys.

I believe in Romeo Crennel, I believe in the defensive additions for the KC Chiefs, that includes Dontari Poe.

You got more holes in Denver than you do in Kansas City. But if you have a healthy Peyton Manning, he's what, 10 times better than Matt Cassel? And he can find ways to make plays when there is no way.

This is a neck injury, we've seen it end the career of Eric Dickerson, of Sterling Sharpe. Many, many players throughout league history have had to hang it up because of a neck injury.

If the Chiefs can keep games close and they can pound Denver, they will wear them down because a guy like Derek Wolfe is more of a part-time pass-rushing defensive tackle. Losing Broderick Bunkley, I talked to a NFC GM who told me that he thought Broderick Bunkley was the best 4/3 defensive tackle on the entire free agent market. That was huge for the Denver Broncos and it's not like the New Orleans Saints gave up a lot of money for him.

But the Broncos have decided and we've seen through their actions and remember, the language of the NFL is money. That's all these teams speak. So they may have said, 'Hey we like Broderick Bunkley' But what's the reality? The reality is they let him go to New Orleans for a song. Ok, he didn't sign for that much money.

Here's the problem, his (Osweiler) accuracy is terrible and his footwork is probably worse than Tim Tebow, and that's saying something. It's probably worse than when I saw Tebow at the senior bowl a few years ago and they actually had to put a cinder block in front of his foot so he wouldn't over-stride in practice!....But it's not just accuracy, it's ball placement. He doesn't throw his receivers open. He gets his receivers killed, and that's not going to make you a favorite in the National Football League.

With Ronnie Hillman, this kid is LeSean McCoy 2.0. He can come in and he can be the starter for the Denver Broncos. Now, this is what I anticipate will happen. Training camp battle he's going to look very good. He's not going there to replace Moreno guys, he's there to replace McGahee. The Denver Broncos wanted to replace McGahee this off-season in the draft. They wanted a running back and they moved up in the third round to get Ronnie Hillman. He's a special guy.

When Jamaal Charles came out of Texas we all knew he was fast. He was always fast. But he was a bounce guy. A guy that tries to bounce, he's David Wilson. He tries to bounce every run outside, that works at the University of Texas. That worked for David Wilson at Virginia Tech. It doesn't work in the pro's. Jamaal Charles rookie year, put on the tape. Bounce, bounce, bounce. He wasn't effective.

Second-year Jamaal Charles, inside-out. He took it between the tackles, got to the second level and then he bounced it outside. Then all of the sudden, Jamaal Charles is a superstar. So he learned how to become an inside-out runner. That's a question for David Wilson, it's not a question for Ronnie Hillman. He's already a savvy inside-out runner.

Steven St. John from 810 Sports Radio WHB in Kansas City's 'Border Patrol' morning show

The more people I talk to within the organization and study the pick (Poe) and thought about the pick, I'm not as down on it as most people are. Yeah, it's a high-risk, high-reward, but there's just a precious handful of athletes that can do what Dontari Poe has the capability of doing and be that huge stopper in the middle of Romeo Crennel's 3/4 defense.

I'm a real big fan of the 5th round pick in Dequan Menzie. I've been told by several people that they think he can step in and be one of the better 3rd corners right now in football. He has the size and the physical attributes to take on tight-ends, like Antonio Gates and we see that tight-ends are fashionable now in the NFL. Going to two tight-end sets, he's a guy that can line up on the big tight-end and handle him very well. So when you look at all of those different components, and Romeo Crennel taking over as head coach, I think the Chiefs have an excellent opportunity of being a top 10 defense next year.

We'll be able to see because it's such a physical position and when you focus on him and watch him even more so I think sometimes as a defensive end. You watch that nose tackle trying to rush up field and get penetration into the pocket and if he's doing that on a regular basis, I think we're all going to see him effect the rest of the defense and we'll know he's a good pick.

As far as the Broncos, I think the Chiefs are better top to bottom. Almost everywhere, except for quarterback. If Peyton Manning wasn't the quarterback, then you would clearly say that the Chiefs are better than the Broncos. I'm not so sure how big of an upgrade Peyton Manning is right now. Hey, he's a great QB, he's a hall of famer, but the guy missed a year and he's coming off a serious, serious injury. I'm just not ready to hand the division over to the Denver Broncos. Even if he gets back to the Peyton Manning of old, I think the Chiefs have a better roster top to bottom.

I think it has everything to do with it because if they feel comfortable that Jonathan Baldwin is going to develop into a No. 1 type wide receiver then clearly they'll be more comfortable eventually letting Dwayne Bowe go. There were rumors that they were at least exploring a possible trade for Dwayne Bowe on draft day and they didn't get any takers. Scott Pioli was on my radio show and he flat 110% denied that they were talking about a trade with anyone or offering Dwayne Bowe in a trade to anybody. But there's so much smoke that there's gotta be a little fire.

I wouldn't be surprised if he just plays under the franchise tag and that allows the Chiefs to get even more time to evaluate Baldwin and decided if he's a guy that can be a No. 1 receiver. That's clearly up in the air, nothing would shock me. But I think it's going to be very interesting to watch what happens with the Dwayne Bowe situation and i do think a lot of it has to do with how they feel about Jonathan Baldwin.

Chris Sembower of Arrowhead Pride fame and his 'Posterized' series

The first painting was really early in the AM of the day that Kansas City played Pittsburgh in Todd Haley's first year. I think I posted at like two in the morning and it was the Jamaal Charles piece and it was a little more cartoonish and abstract than my stuff now.

It all started with the weekly series and trying to create an illustration portfolio. After getting out of school, I went to design school so I didn't really have a portfolio and now I do. That's kind of the basic story.

Chris did mention a few times about the story he's going to be doing with "The Kingdom" and that a lot of the back-story on how he got started will be revealed in that video with the Kansas City Chiefs.

After the first couple and I saw people's reactions I thought, there's something here. There's really nothing like this out there and after things started to pick up I knew things are where they needed to be when I got a call from the Chiefs. You know they asked me to come in and have a meeting and connect and that was kind of the start of all of this.

The fans are probably the only real reason that this is still going to be honest. When I first began this I was pushing through the preseason after that 2010 season when it started to become a weekly thing.... There were a couple of pretty specific negative things about how they were being used on the internet that happened around mid-season and at that point I contemplated quitting. I thought about it and gave it a week. After visiting with people and looking back at some of the comments that I heard it really did kind of push me into continuing it, and still continuing it.

Over the past two years I've had a million and a half downloads, which is crazy and I never expected that.

About two or three weeks ago I had the opportunity to give Eric Berry, Victor Ortiz the boxer, and Eric Hosmer of the Royals a giant framed illustration of them at a Boys and Girls club event.

These are just a handful of the quotes that these guys had on the show on Sunday night and if you want to hear them all then just follow this link.

Chop Talk airs live every Sunday night at 7pm CT and runs for 90 minutes.

Thanks for listening.