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Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Line Called 5th Best In NFL

The Kansas City Chiefs have made a concerted effort at one particular position on the field more than any other this offseason: the offensive line. After bringing in Eric Winston as the biggest free agent prize to replace Barry Richardson at right tackle, the team also drafted Jeff Allen and Donald Stephenson in the second and third rounds respectively. It's a high investment for a team that led the NFL in rushing just two seasons ago. It's also something that puts the Chiefs line among the best in the NFL.

As Rotoworld's Evan Silva takes a look around the league, it's clear he loves the potential for the Chiefs to run all over opponents with the guys they have in place:

"The Chiefs are gearing up to run one of the NFL's most smash-mouth attacks, and they have the trench talent to execute. Tackle play is an immediate strength with Albert emerging as perhaps the league's most underrated blindside blocker, and Winston joining the mix on the strong side. Asamoah is a nasty right guard whose run blocking will only improve as a second-year starter. Groomed behind Casey Wiegmann last season, Hudson is ready for prime time at center. Lilja and rookie Allen will duke it out at left guard. Depth is a concern beyond the top six linemen here, but this unit oozes potential and will likely prove to be a top-five grouping in '12."

Lilja is likely going to be the starter for the Chiefs for some time until Allen can be comfortable. After all, it took Asamoah and Hudson both a full year before they claimed their own starting spots. Still it gives the Chiefs the depth and promise they haven't had along the line in years.