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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Says Main Focus Is Player Safety And Fan Excitement

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated's Peter King, NFL commish Roger Goodell spoke about the need for better player safety and help transitioning out of the league into real life, highlighting the current greater conversation happening all over the league. The entire article is worth a read given the current focus on concussions and player safety in the NFL. Of particular note was Goodell's response to what is his biggest focus next: fan excitement at games and player safety.

"Clearly how we want the game to be safer for the current players, the former players and then how do I make the game more exciting for fans?" said Goodell. "There's fans still looking for new and different ways to engage with the game. Technology is a great opportunity to do that. We've talked about the player and health safety and the initiatives and that's first on my mind, but ... those new platforms, mobile devices, bringing technology into our stadiums, how do we make that stadium experience exciting? Those are ongoing challenges.''

It's an interesting response since most fans can now watch the game in high quality and comfort from their own home. NFL stadiums need to be filled to make money and for teams to earn new stadiums as well. It's an interesting goal from the commish to place that alongside player safety as a primary concern.