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Matt Cassel Listed Among 2012 NFL Breakout Quarterback Candidates

This is more of a pat-on-the-back for the talent around him than a direct point of praise for Matt Cassel, but ESPN's KC Joyner recently listed Cassel as a breakout candidate at the quarterback position for 2012. The Chiefs certainly hope so as they've left Cassel entrenched as the starter while surrounding him with top flight talent.

Joyner writes, "Cassel could be on the brink of a breakout season. The Chiefs have surrounded him with a very good No. 1 wide receiver (Dwayne Bowe), solid complementary WRs (Steve Breaston and Jon Baldwin), two solid pass-receiving tight ends (Tony Moeaki and Kevin Boss), an explosive third-down back (Dexter McCluster) and a varied set of running back talents (Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis and Cyrus Gray). That is the kind of supporting cast that could help Cassel take off in 2012 and keep that momentum going for the next few years."

The Chiefs have more offensive weapons and a better line than they have had in the last four seasons. While things might start slow under new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll as he adjusts to new personnel, the Chiefs definitely big game capability through both the pass and run games. If players like Charles and Moeaki can come back from season-ending injuries, Cassel will have the weapons he needs to elevate his game. Breakout or not, it all depends on him.