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Kansas City Chiefs Mini-Camp 2012: Final Week Of Offseason Training Program Begins Tuesday

The Kansas City Chiefs continue their offseason training programs with a three-day mandatory mini-camp Tuesday, following 10 organized team activities that ended last week. This is head coach Romeo Crennel's first offseason program as head coach of the team, and he had this to say about mini-camp:

"It's the same deal," Crennel said. "We can have an extended walk-through. The length of time that you can have with them on the field gets extended, but part of it has to be a walk-through."

The new collective bargaining agreement limits total on-field time to 3.5 hours a day, while no individual practice may exceed 2.5 hours. Two-a-days are permitted at just two of the three practice days. Crennel goes on to explain a bit further:

"There is a two hour max of the on-field up-tempo," Crennel explained. "You can complement what you use there with the walk-through. So, usually you're looking at an hour walk-through and an hour of up-tempo. But everything is in shorts. The walk-through, no helmets are allowed. You can have helmets on in your up-tempo."

Even though the Chiefs have had close to perfect attendance at these offseason programs, star wide receiver Dwayne Bowe still remains unsigned as the squad's franchise player and is not required to attend these activities until he does sign.

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