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Chiefs Offseason Minicamp: Devon Wylie Sidelined With Hamstring Injury

The word out of Kansas City Chiefs mini-camp this offseason is all about injuries -- both those recovering from past issues and those experiencing new ones. As Brandon Siler sets foot on the field for the first time today in offseason action, Chiefs rookie wide receiver Devon Wylie is reportedly out with a hamstring injury according to Josh Looney.

These sorts of injuries could linger, so it wouldn't be surprising to see Wylie out for a bit. However, these early practices are vital for players during the longer sessions allowed during the team's mandatory mini-camp, where teams get to see their players on-field much longer than OTAs under the new collective bargaining agreement. Giving Wylie time with the offense and special teams unit is key, but these things happen for every team.

"There is a two hour max of the on-field up-tempo," Crennel explained recently to the Chiefs official site. "You can complement what you use there with the walk-through. So, usually you're looking at an hour walk-through and an hour of up-tempo. But everything is in shorts. The walk-through, no helmets are allowed. You can have helmets on in your up-tempo."

In other news, Looney noted that Eric Berry is out today for personal reasons.