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Kansas City Chiefs Minicamp 2012: Romeo Crennel Says Dwayne Bowe Will Report 'Eventually'

Despite what appeared like perfect attendance at the start of Kansas City Chiefs offseason minicamp, the team still went on with practice without its star wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, who was hit with the franchise tag earlier in offseason but has refused to sign it because he would prefer a long term deal.

With Crennel beginning his first full season as the Chiefs' head coach, he'd obviously like to have one of the best players on his roster at minicamp, becoming acclimated to the new regime. But the nature of the beast, in fact, is what it is.

This, via Arrowhead Pride:

"You like to have your good players with you because every year you have to develop a new team chemistry. So he's missing this opportunity to grow and develop with his teammates but there's nothing I can do about that. That's just the nature of the beast that we're dealing with. I think that he will be here eventually and when he gets here we'll try to catch him up. He'll have to work at it, get up to speed and then see if he can help us at that time."

Bowe has been consistent in saying he will be around for training camp, so that looks like the time he'll catch up with his teammates. Until then, Bowe is still looking for a better offer from the franchise.

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