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Former Chiefs Wide Receiver Samie Parker Preps For CFL Debut

When the NFL has given a player his last chance on the field, there are a few other avenues that player can take to further his football playing career. Some former Chiefs have went to play in the Arena Football League, and now former wide receiver Samie Parker is ready to make his debut in the Canadian Football League.

The Toronto Argonauts are giving Parker a chance to make the team this season and Parker says he's ready for the challenge."I haven't had the kind of camp I really wanted, but this is the opportunity to go out there and showcase what I can do," Parker, 31, said. "I'm still adjusting a little bit, trying to find the holes where I can fit in. But I'm finally going to get a real taste of the CFL game. There's more room (on the wider field), and it gives me an advantage to exploit some of the defensive backs. I'm looking forward to that."

Parker started 31 games in four seasons with the Chiefs from 2004 to 2007. He caught 110 passes for 1,529 yards and 7 touchdowns.

"I'm looking for a burst from Samie, I'm looking to see if he can line up on the right spot, does he know his assignments, is he going to be where the quarterback expects him to be?" Argos head coach Scott Milanovich said. "It's pretty much the same thing for all of the receivers. He has showed some flashes, and he has had a little bit of inconsistency, but he has talent."