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Brian Banks Earns 3-Day Mini-Camp Tryout With San Francisco 49ers

Brian Banks has made the rounds to a number of teams in hope of earning a roster spot on his long journey back from false incarceration to the world of football. The Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks were among the teams that Banks has already worked out for, but the San Francisco 49ers are giving Banks his biggest opportunity yet. The Sacramento Bee is reporting today that Banks will join the team for their upcoming mini-camp.

Matt Barrows writes. “Banks will take part in a three-day rookie minicamp, a source confirmed Friday. The Monday-Wednesday session will be the longest tryout Banks has had yet. He had a two-day minicamp tryout with the Seahawks and has had workouts with the Chargers and Chiefs.”

Banks has a feel-good story and everyone around the NFL is rooting for him. That said, he’s been off the field and away from playbooks for years now. The game has changed significantly and it will be a difficult road for him to actually make an NFL roster. Then again, he’s conquered long odds already.

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