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Jon Baldwin Shoots Video Of 1:30am Workout, Gives Pep Talk

If there are any Kansas City Chiefs fans wondering if Jonathan Baldwin is dedicated enough to elevate his NFL play to the level that Scott Pioli hoped for when he took him in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, check out the video that Baldwin posted early this morning. Apparently Baldwin is back in his hometown of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania and he's busy working out at 1:30am to "gain the edge."

You have to see the video for yourself, but to give you a sample, Baldwin gives a pep talk to the viewer the entire run while also giving a slight tour of his hometown. Here's a part of Baldwin's message:

"Ain't nobody gonna give you nothing'. You gotta be fine with that. Go grind it. Go take it. Everybody grindin'. You gotta get your extra edge. Think about what your opponents are doing right now. Are they doing what you're doing? Are they grindin'? Are they grindin' right now? This is where you get your extra edge right now. This is when you get your extra edge when everybody's asleep."

Somewhere, Romeo Crennel is grinning from ear to ear.