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Oakland Raiders Checking Out Free Agent Running Back Cedric Benson

The Oakland Raiders have been linked with Cedric Benson for most of the NFL offseason ever since Michael Bush jumped ship and left Darren McFadden as the lone established back on the roster. McFadden could be an All-Pro year after year but injury concerns force the Raiders to go after another dependable starter-type. Benson, the former Bengals running back, apparently fits the bill.

ESPN's Bill Williamson forwards an Adam Schefter report about the team's interest when he writes, "Benson, 29, had 1,067 yards last season. He has not garnered much interest in free agency but Schefter reports that some other teams have been looking. Oakland has shown the most interest. At this point, Benson will likely have to sign a modest contract and Oakland should pursue him."

This late in the offseason, the Raiders will be hard pressed to find a better veteran option than Benson. The power back is not going to flash the yardage that McFadden can pick up, but if he can help move the chains with a grinding run game when McFadden is out, then it's worth picking him up.

Still Benson is hardly an inspiring choice and it is a move like this that makes the Chiefs pick-up of Peyton Hillis much earlier in the offseason look good.