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Kansas City Chiefs Offseason 2012: Dexter McCluster Is Studying Wes Welker

Dexter McCluster has been moving back and forth from running back to wide receiver for most of the relevant part of his football career. McCluster and where he fits in on the football field has been a head-scratching dilemma ever since he left Largo High for the University of Mississippi.

He doesn't have the size to be an every down back in the NFL, even though he certainly has the skill to produce there. And of course, McCluster hasn't played wide receiver consistently enough to really be considered one at this point.

So that's why Romeo Crennel gave him the task of learning how to become a receiver during the offseason, and through studying the patterns of Patriots receiver Wes Welker, it's safe to say McCluster is doing just that.

This quote via the Bright House Sports Network, Channel 47:

"... Lately, I've been watching a lot of (Patriots WR) Wes Welker. He's not that big, but he gets open. He's a competitor and you're going to see the same guy from play to play, game to game and I want to be that guy."

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