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Brandon Flowers References Chemistry, Injuries As Primary Reason For Todd Haley's Dismissal

In a rare candid interview with a primary member of the Kansas City Chiefs, cornerback Brandon Flowers shed light on several aspects of not only his own career but the up and down season of 2011 for the team. When speaking with Yahoo! Sports Derek Ciapala, Flowers talks about the immediate success of Romeo Crennel as an interim coach and the downfall of his predecessor Todd Haley. In particular, beyond the injuries, Flowers takes note of chemistry issues under Haley that were solved with the move to Crennel.


"It was just a tough break for Todd," said Flowers. "The bottom line in this league is if you're not winning, then somebody's gone. It's just unfortunate that we had a lot of key injuries that set us back. We had players that stepped in and stepped up for us, but the chemistry just wasn't there. We got a lot of losses in the "L" column because the chemistry wasn't built right, and we had to just change our whole offensive and defensive strategy and try to prepare the team and go out there and play with the personnel that we have. So it was just a bad break for Todd. A lot of people got hurt, and in this league if you're not winning, someone got to go."


The whole interview is worth a read for further insight into Flowers' offseason and this coming year for the Chiefs.