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"Kansas City Is In Missouri?" Tweets From The Geographically Challenged

A lot of school systems are in a budget crisis and currently struggling to fund programs in today's economy. Perhaps Geography class is considered extracurricular because Twitter was abuzz last night during the 2012 MLB All-Star Game about the actual location of Kansas City.

Joel Thorman over at the best Chiefs site on the Interwebs -- otherwise known as Arrowhead Pride -- has compiled a number of tweets of viewers confused that Kansas City was not in Kansas but rather in Missouri. These are also the same people curious why we didn't get rid of the Old Mexico when we have a New one, why South Dakota is located so far "up" and other such geographical inerrancies.

Also make sure to check out the actual All-Star Game coverage itself (not just for viewer jokes) over at Baseball Nationor check out the Storystream that we have going here at SB Nation Kansas City.