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2012 NFL Supplemental Draft: Josh Gordon Impresses At Pro Day

Josh Gordon is likely to be the only player selected during Thursday's 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft. There have only been 41 players chosen in the 35 year history of the draft, and Gordon is by far the cream of the crop here.

While others like linebacker Larry Lumpkin or running back Ed Wesley could enamor a team enough to take them in the seventh round, Gordon is the real mystery with NFL analysts floating third or even second round value on the former Baylor wide receiver.

The good news is that scouts apparently liked what they saw from Gordon when working out today. He has great measurables overall and the character concerns are now being called overblown. He also performed admirably on the Wonderlic.

It will be interesting to see where Gordon goes and if a team really does stretch their draft assets to make sure they bring him in.

You can find a complete rundown of the draft, how it works and the eligible players here.