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2012 NFL Supplemental Draft: Chiefs Not Predicted To Bid On Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon is the prize of the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft. He's a big receiver with the right athleticism that would make for some impressive potential at wideout, especially for such a small pond of prospects. But while the Kansas City Chiefs checked out Gordon at his Pro Day, he's not predicted to be an option for Scott Pioli when it comes down to it -- at least according to Adam Caplan's breakdown.

The Chiefs might be looking for a developmental receiver down the road if Dwayne Bowe is not in the long-term plan. However, Gordon is not their man per Caplan's report. Instead, he has the Browns, Dolphins, Colts and Bills as the favorites to put in a claim for the former Baylor player. About the Chiefs, he writes, "They were at Gordon's workout, but the team is pretty deep at wide receiver. They'll pass."

That's a short and succinct enough answer that's likely the accurate take on whether or not the Chiefs will make a move. While fans might long for some more player additions and buzz in a dead part of the offseason, the front office is smarter than that. They'll only make a move if they truly like Gordon's potential and if he has a fit on the roster.