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NFL Supplemental Draft: Josh Gordon Holds Legitimate NFL Potential

There are certainly going to be the naysayers out there about the prospects for the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft and why they are receiving such hype. In particular, there are those wondering why Josh Gordon is receiving the hype of potentially being a second round choie in today's Draft. While there's definitely a bit too much buzz about the few players here given the dearth of NFL news in mid-summer, Gordon is not without legitimate potential.

It's easy to knock Gordon for some character concerns or, even more, the fact that he hasn't played since 2010. After transferring from Baylor to Utah, Gordon decided the NFL Supplemental Draft route was the right way to go, and that's going to require some explanation on his part to teams potentially interested in adding him.

Twenty one teams showed up to watch him work out for his Pro Day, so there's reason to believe that teams will be vying for the chance to get him. But just how high will he go? Is he really worth a potential second or third round choice?

Matt Miller, founder of New Era Scouting, believes there's some legitimacy to that notion.

"Gordon has that size/speed ratio that scouts drool over at 6-4, 220 lbs.," he explained in a recent interview. "He's able to burst past layers. I think that's hard to find. He's superbly athletic."

Not only does Gordon possess the raw skills, but Miller also says such character concerns are overrated. Even a quick perusal of the players taken in the recent NFL Draft in April held players with greater issues.

"Really, the character issues with Gordon are minimal," said Miller. "He was arrested for marijuana possession and suspended from Baylor. He decided to transfer to Utah, so that's the reason he hasn't played since 2010. There were guys drafted much higher this year with more character problems -- Justin Blackmon with the DUI, Michael Floyd with a couple DUIs, Janoris Jenkins with all of his issues. I think Gordon has a lot of appeal because he does have that athletic make-up that's so hard to find."

Thomas Melton of NFL Draft Monsters had him as a potential breakout candidate coming into 2011, a level he might have reached with on-field production with Robert Griffin III.

"I had him on my list of breakout players, but then he got kicked out of Baylor," said Melton. "He was on my list with Kendall Wright, A.J. Jenkins and a lot of those guys. So I did have him as a first or second round pick. So when people are saying, 'I heard he might be a first or second rounder', I say, 'Yeah, I said the same damn thing.' The talent is there."

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