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NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs Ranked No. 21 At Pro Football Talk

The Kansas City Chiefs have made several moves to impress this offseason, but when the smoke has cleared, it seems it' hasn't quite been enough -- at least for the the staff over at Pro Football Talk. In their preseason NFL Power Rankings, the team comes out No. 21 overall and out of the playoffs if their predictions are true.

Michael David Smith says the team made some good moves overall, but he believes that the AFC West is much more powerful this year. Thus he writes:

We have the Chiefs just outside the Top 20 teams in the NFL, which is right around where they were when it was all said and done last season. At 7-9 in 2011, the Chiefs were a last-place team, but last place was only a game out of first place in the mediocre AFC West. With a healthier roster, Kansas City might have made the playoffs last season.

Unfortunately, it probably won't be as easy to make the playoffs in the AFC West this season, and the questions about Matt Cassel's effectiveness as a starting quarterback and the loss of a very good cornerback in Brandon Carr make the Chiefs look like a team that's going to miss the playoffs again this season.

The Chiefs will beg to differ and the return of three impact players and the addition of many more via free agency and the draft make this the Chiefs best team yet since Scott Pioli arrived.