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Chiefs OT Branden Albert Launches YMCA Youth Fitness Program

The NFL already has the Play 60 program that encourages fitness in students as the stats on child obesity on get higher and higher, and Branden Albert is prepared to also do his part to make sure that today's youth learn the proper lessons as they grow up about the importance of proper nutrition and activity. This offseason, Albert launched the Survive With Branden Albert program at the YMCA of Greater Rochester, where he grew up, in an effort to teach these aspects of life in a fun environment.

"Being a celebrity, young with money, it's not enough," Albert said. "There's a lot more to it. I'm starting to learn that. We want to expand on what we've been doing in the past. Volunteers, members of my family, friends, everyone has stepped up to make it the best thing that we can do."

Albert, 27, is the Chiefs starting left tackle and has been since being drafted in 2008 out of Virginia. He's just starting charitable offseason work like this, and talked about having his own perspective change.

"I'm a lot more confident than I was five years ago," Albert said. "I'm learning the ins and outs about football on and off the field. There's a bigger picture."

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