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Mike Lombardi Explains Dwayne Bowe's Contract Status With Kansas City Chiefs

Some fans might be confused about why the Kansas City Chiefs would not sign their best wide receiver in Dwayne Bowe -- and perhaps their best offensive player -- to a new contract before the deadline yesterday to lock up franchise-designated players. It can often be seen as a black-and-white issue when, in fact, everything has degrees of complication that make a seemingly simple decision quite difficult.

Mike Lombardi took some time recently to discuss the issue with Nate Bukaty from 810 WHB's Border Patrol in Kansas City. He explained that the issue might not be keeping Bowe, but rather keeping him at a particular price point.

"I think some teams just want one year deals on players," Lombardi said to . "It doesn't really tighten you down. What people don't understand about the cap in upcoming years is that it's not going up. It's going to stay pretty much flat this year and next year and perhaps even the year after.

"So when you enter into a longterm deal," he continued, "you have built-in raises and built-in escalators within the contract and sometimes you're just better off renting the player for the year and see where you go in terms of your team and where it fits before you enter into the longterm and that's really where I think the Chiefs are at this point."

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