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2012 NFL Supplemental Draft: Josh Gordon Called 4th Round Pick By Mel Kiper

The NFL Supplemental Draft is always an odd crap shoot for both front offices and fans. With only 41 players taken in the 35 year history of the draft, there's little to no reason for fans to even hope their team might add a player. Even still, the success rate is not good for those few who are chosen. Yet with a number of supplemental draft players who have turned in impressive NFL careers, it's enough to make any fan hope in the NFL's slow summer season.

The most promising prospect for this year's draft is Josh Gordon, a former Baylor wide receiver who has impressed with both his size and speed. In fact, he could find teams fighting for him and willing to spend a mid-round selection.

Gordon could definitely help a team looking for a nice wideout to develop and he proved he can find the red zone with the Bears with 7 touchdowns his final season with the team. Unfortunately, like any Supplemental Draft prospect, the question marks often outweigh the reality.