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Chiefs Training Camp: Scott Pioli Ready To Evaluate Arizona Cardinals Roster For Help

The Chiefs open training camp in St. Joseph, Missouri on July 27th.


In a new interview with Mitch Holthus over at the Kansas City Chiefs official website, general manager Scott Pioli had some interesting answers when asked questions regarding the Chiefs upcoming training camp practices with the Arizona Cardinals. As the two teams prepare to come together and give fans a unique training camp experience, Pioli said he was also excited to see another team as a "barometer" for his own. He also gets a chance to evaluate some guys who could be available later this summer.

"What I like about it personally is that it gives us an opportunity to be able to see 90 other players who play in the NFL or have a chance to play in the NFL and evaluate their team," said Pioli. "Sometimes when you stay immersed in your own situation, you only see your team and there's no barometer and there's no measuring stick.

"We'll get to find out what we are as a football team. It will be a different set of circumstances, but then we also get the chance to evaluate 90 players on their roster and see if there are players who might be able to help us. They gotta cut down to 53 as well."

That quote serves as a good reminder that the Chiefs are looking for core guys of their own who will stick on the roster and/or practice squad for the season, but they're also likely to keep a few spots open for guys from other rosters who will become late summer additions. Perhaps one will even come from Arizona due to the watchful eye of Pioli and other team scouts.

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