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Chiefs Training Camp: Eric Berry Comments On Injury Status

The Kansas City Chiefs already had a stout defense last season without impact defender Eric Berry in the defensive backfield. Now that he's back from injury, Berry is hoping to help cap off a Chiefs defense that could become a top five unit in the league. However he'll have to get over any personal concerns and nervousness first.

He admits in a recent interview with GoVolsXtra that he's still a bit timid but he also has another month and a half before the season starts. That's plenty of time to continue his rehab and training in the hopes of being game-ready for the 2012 regular season.

Berry says he's not feeling any outside pressure from the team or fan expectations to come back and produce at a certain level.

"It's never any pressure," Berry said. "I know what my goals are. As long as my family's happy and I'm happy, it's never any pressure. I know what I expect out of myself. I know what I've been through, and I know where I'm at now, so it's never any pressure. I'm going to always try to please myself and make sure I'm doing everything to the best of my ability. I hold myself to high standards, so if there's any pressure, it's going to be pressure that I put on myself, not from anybody else."

The Chiefs open training camp in St. Joseph on July 27th.