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Kansas City Chiefs, Dontari Poe Are 'Not Close' On Contract

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that while multiple draft picks are finally signing their first official contract in professional football, the Kansas City Chiefs and first round choice Dontari Poe are "not close" on a deal. Training camp opens for the Chiefs in a few days, so it was expected that the Chiefs would likely announce something soon. Apparently it's not as automatic as once believed.

"Chiefs and Dontari Poe, the 11th overall pick, right now are not close," said Schefter. "The next 24 hours are said to be critical to getting a deal done and typically both sides will be motivated to get that deal done and to get Poe into camp. But right now as it stands Poe and the Chiefs are not close."

It's easy for news like this to leak right around training camp time only to find itself resolved rather easily. However an agreement might not be as easy to reach as believed until now. Expect the two sides to eventually find an agreement, but the hope for all parties is that the defensive tackle doesn't miss an ounce of time at training camp.

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