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Steve Wisniewski Leaves Oakland Raiders, Clears Out Office

It's one thing for a team to endure player drama this time of year with unhappy athletes holding out or others getting arrested. It's another thing entirely for a team to endure coaching drama with training camp opening. Pat Kirwan is reporting that Steve Wisniewski, offensive line coach for the Oakland Raiders, has left the team -- a move bound to raise eyebrows heading into the Raiders preseason.

Wisniewski's nephew is a member of that offensive line and the player needs no introduction not only to Raiders fans but the entire AFC West or even NFL. He's a legend that would hardly abandon a team -- unless it's just vastly different without Al Davis around. Perhaps it has nothing to do with drama and more to do with personal issues affecting his ability to coach.

At this point nothing can be known, but details will definitely emerge since this will be a story with major interest in AFC West circles around the NFL today.