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Five-orite Friday: Are You Ready For Some Training Camp

The latest rundown features the Chiefs arriving, waking up to Sporting KC and other odds and ends.

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Another week has passed and now the Chiefs have joined the fight to make sure the Royals stay irrelevant. Football season is now in full swing. See you next April, Local 9.

1. Chiefs Report!!!
It is finally here. And yes it deserves three exclamation points.The day many football fans have been waiting for and craving for months. Kansas City Chiefs fans are nerds. Plain and simple. They are football/ Chiefs nerd. They soak up every little piece of information from training camp like it's a teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

Kansas City's fan-hood for the Chiefs is a sickness. But it's a cool sickness. It is akin to fans of SEC football schools. Well Chiefs fans your patience (sometimes lack thereof) is now rewarded. Descend upon St. Joseph and the 100-plus degree heat and soak it up. Speaking of Chiefs training camp...

2.The Poe Show
Well it wasn't the last possible minute but it was pretty damn close. Chiefs 1st round pick Dontari Poe got signed the day before training camp started. Put me down as someone who was beginning to wonder why it was taking this long for Poe to be signed, sealed, and delivered. Word on the street is the Chiefs and Poe are apart on the fourth year of the contract. The Chiefs want to make sure that if they cut Poe before his fourth year and then he is signed to another team that they are not on the hook to pay him while he also collects a check from his new team.

Many teams are trying to prevent players from taking advantage of double dipping between two team. I really hope people start calling this the Costanza Clause. If that happens that will help restore my faith in the Human Race.

Dontari Poe is one of the major story lines as the Chiefs start training camp. Did I say story line? I meant giant question mark. Poe's production during his career at Memphis is on par with Lindsay Lohan's filmography the past 5 years - which is to say bad. He impressed at the NFL Combine and was slapped with the 'workout warrior' moniker which raises a red flag for me.

Workouts are important but what is more important is actual production on the field versus the competition. Poe is a boom or busted player. No in between. Getting to camp on time is a great step in the right direction to ensure Poe is the former and not the latter. Speaking of big guys...

3. The Curious Case of Humble Weis
Big 12 media days took over the headlines earlier this week and the local school with the most questions surrounding them are the Kansas Jayhawks and new head coach Charlies Weis. I did not understand the hire of Charlie Weis back then and I am still of the mind that it will not end up being a success.

When Weis had his introductory news conference the biggest thing that stuck out to me was the amount of confidence that Weis exuded as he answered every question. Did I say confidence? I meant over-confidence. Did I say over-confidence? I think the word I am looking for is arrogance. Yeah, that fits the best. I say arrogance simply based on Charlie Weis' lack of college level success.

That level of unwarranted arrogance always rubs me the wrong way. Yes, Chuck your offenses at Notre Dame put up some nice numbers but that did not equate to wins. Fast forward 6 months and I heard a very different Weis when he addressed the media at Big 12 media day. He sounded like someone who understands the enormous challenge set in front of him. The KU football program has anti-swagger right now. Weis will give them some swag and it can result in wins as long as Weis doesn't let that swag be his downfall. Speaking of lack of swag...

4. Tickets to the Royals Circus now on sale
Holy crap the Royals are bad. Could there be a worse time for the Royals to be on a West Coast trip? With Chiefs training camp starting up and Big 12 media days going on this team was completely out of sight and out of mind. The lowest and most comical moment for the Royals came in the Wednesday afternoon loss to the Angels.

The Royals were punked by the Angels. Plain and simple. The Angels ran all over them (literally) and the Royals combated that with fielding and throw errors and forgetting how many outs there are in a ballgame. The low light of the game was that it took Lorenzo Cain getting hit by Angels' pitcher Jered Weaver twice (TWICE!) before Luke Hochevar finally went inside on phenom Mike Trout.

And in classic Royals and Luke 'you know' Hochevar fashion they didn't even do that right. The ball magically hit off Trout's bat but the ump awarded him the base anyway and then tossed Hoch from the game. Pick up your clown shoes on your way to the clubhouse. Speaking of clubs...

5. Sporting KC Club no show
I don't discuss soccer much on here (in fact, I have never done it in the super long 3 week history of this feature) but something caught my eye this past week with Sporting KC. They hosted a friendly with french club Montpellier and Sporting KC got their asses handed to them. The outcome of the match is not what interests me though. What caught my attention is the attendance number for this match. On a 102 degree evening 14,769 people ventured out to Livestrong Sporting Park to watch a club play that was sans 3 starters and their head coach who were all with the MLS All-Star team.

When the Kansas City Wizards announced they were going to change their name and re-brand the idea of soccer in Kansas City it went over as well as a fart in church. That analogy might not even work here because that would imply that people actually noticed and cared about soccer in this city (like they would a church fart). There was a small niche of fans who love soccer and in turn loved the Wizards. But is was nowhere near what it has become over the last two years. What looked to be a giant misstep in understanding their place in the KC sports landscape has turned into an absolute goldmine that many did not see coming, myself included.

Follow me on Twitter and until we meet again next week. Peace out.