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Chiefs Training Camp: Caleb Campbell Ready For Linebacker Competition Ahead

Caleb Campbell arrived at training camp for the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday knowing that he has a long shot to make the roster when the team pares it down to the final 53. However he also knows that the best man on and off the field is going to win the job and that the opportunity is the same for him as it is for every other player. Thus he's ready for the competition ahead in Chiefs camp and talked as much when he first arrived.

Campbell, who is also a lieutenant in the United States Army, knows well what it means to strive and do what it takes to succeed for his position.

"We have a quote when we walk into the West Point Football field," said Campbell. "It says ‘On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear the fruits of victory.' It means that the seeds you sow while playing this game, the intrinsic qualities that it takes to play this game run parallel with other fields of battle on other days."

Campbell will be competing with other players in camp like Dexter Heyman, Brandon Siler and the like for depth on special teams and the roster at linebacker.

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