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Ryan Tannehill, Justin Blackmon Remain Lone Unsigned 1st Round NFL Choices

The Kansas City Chiefs got a deal done at the wire before players were supposed to report to training camp with their first round choice Dontari Poe. Even though reports had placed the two sides far apart for unknown reasons, the promising defensive tackle from Memphis showed up in time to play with a signed and sealed professional contract under his arm. That's more that can be said for rookies Justin Blackmon and Ryan Tannehill.

Both players represent reason for hope for two franchises sorely in need of some optimism. For the Dolphins, they are starting all over. Joe Philbin was brought in as head coach from the Green Bay Packers and as a former offensive coordinator, he's going to set the tone for that side of the ball. It's imperative that he can work with his rookie quarterback as much as possible this preseason as the Dolphins drafted Tannehill to be the future of this team at No. 8 overall.

The same can be said for Blackmon, the Jaguars first round choice taken to give Blaine Gabbert an impact weapon on offense at wide receiver. As the winner of the Biletnikoff Award the last two years given to the top receiver in college football, Blackmon has unquestioned ability. However he's also a source of drama with a DUI earlier this offseason and an unfinished contract.

There's no way of knowing what is holding up these processes unless someone from the inside talks. But for two desperate franchises, this is not a good sign for anything but more of the same in 2012. Fans of the Chiefs can breathe easy knowing they narrowly escaped such drama and time missed at camp for their own impact rookie. For the Florida franchises, it's another frustrating moment.