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Peter King Visiting Chiefs Training Camp On August 15

It's the end of July which means that the Kansas City Chiefs, as with every NFL franchise, is back in training camp to get prepped and ready for the 2012 NFL regular season. The slate has been wiped clean, every team has added some players while subtracting others and fan bases are energized once again with expectations and questions for the long road ahead.

This time of year also means that Peter King is out and about on his annual training camp tour for Sports Illustrated and the Monday Morning Quarterback author has listed out his schedule. He will be visiting the Chiefs in St. Joseph, Missouri on August 15 on the second leg of a road trip where he'll also visit the Rams, Colts, Bengals and Packers.

King is known for meeting up with his readers at each stop along the way while also posting insights and interviews with players and coaches, so it should be a good read once he's finished. Since it will be a few weeks, it also means that King will have a good insight into the Chiefs roster as they will be learning a lot about the team between now and then. New head coach Romeo Crennel should have a solid grasp of what to expect.

You can find King's complete schedule here.