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Ryan Tannehill Reportedly Reaches Agreement With Miami Dolphins

One of the last dominoes in the 2012 NFL Draft has finally fallen and Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill has finally reached an agreement to play with the Miami Dolphins, per Adam Schefter. His ability to get into training camp sooner than later should pay off, although it will take some time for him to have any sort of chance to start for the team -- likely well into the 2012 NFL season.

Tannehill was checked out by the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason and was reportedly even brought into the city for a visit. He was also one of the last to sign along with Chiefs DT Dontari Poe. It will be interesting to see what he is able to do his rookie season and he's likely to be compared to Matt Cassel all year as fans wonder what they could have had if the Chiefs had made a move.