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Chiefs Training Camp: Romeo Crennel Describes Average Day At St. Joseph

Sometimes it's easy to wonder what exactly the Kansas City Chiefs are doing in their time at St. Joseph. With the number of practices limited, the amount of actual time on the field that fans and media members can see doesn't fill up the days during training camp, so Romeo Crennel recently took some time out to explain what exactly is going on behind the scenes -- including making sure the players have proper time to nap between activities.

"Classroom, weight room and then they get to rest a little bit between the walk-through and practice," he said when asked about how players are spending time off of the field. "We have to give them some down time, and so there's about a three-hour window there where they can go and take a nap. We're allowed to have meetings in that three hours, but I think it's beneficial for them to take a nap and get rested up for the afternoon practice because we added a little bit more time to the afternoon practice."

Not only is the schedule more demanding in the afternoon in terms of time and activity, but weather certainly plays a factor as the calendar nears August.

""it's tougher in the afternoon. It's hotter and they have to push themselves more," said Crennel. "We have to be cognizant of the heat and how much work that they're doing and things like that. I mentioned that we might have to start giving them more breaks, more time to take their helmets off and get some of that heat away from the bodies, but so far it's been ideal weather, so we shouldn't have to go through that yet."

Fans can catch the full training camp schedule for the Chiefs here.

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