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Eric Berry, Steve Breaston Among Chiefs Running Free Youth Football Camps

The National Football League and the NFL Players Association have teamed up to create the NFL Youth Football Fund in recent years to provide grants for NFL players past and present who are willing to use their platform to run summer camps. Such camps promote teamwork, discipline, nutrition and fun and are a good way for the NFL to connect with younger fans and families.

Among the 214 players receiving such grants, several are affiliated with the Kansas City Chiefs. Former Chiefs running back Christian Okoye is running a camp. Current players like safety Eric Berry, wideouts Steve Breaston and Terrance Copper and newly signed defensive back Abram Elam are also running camps this summer at various times in various cities to connect with youth.

"Summer camps are a great way for children to keep active, build confidence and learn important skills," said
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who serves on the NFL Youth Football Fund board of directors. "We
are pleased to support our players' philanthropic efforts that promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles in
young people.