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Peter King Ranks Chiefs Training Camp Site In St. Joseph As No. 7 In NFL

As Sports Illustrated's Peter King starts his annual tour of NFL training camps for the month of August, he took time in his recent Monday Morning Quarterback column to his list the top 10 training camp sites he enjoys visiting. The Kansas City Chiefs' camp in St. Joseph, Missouri made the list at No. 7 for its level of accessibility.

"I have always loved the Wisconsin-River Falls site, so this one, on the campus of Missouri Western State University, will take some getting used to," writes King. "But practices are fan-accessible, and you can catch players around campus too. Good line of sight on the main practice field. For the team, rainy days are no issue because of a classy, modern indoor facility the Hunt family helped build."

The Chiefs started camp this last weekend and the schedule is open and available for fans to visit. Also make sure to check out the combined practices and scrimmages with the Arizona Cardinals on site on August 6-8.