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NFL Supplemental Draft: Josh Gordon, Ed Wesley Schedule Pro Day Workouts

The 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft is coming up on July 12, which is one week from today. That means that draftniks can get at least a taste of the buzz in the doldrums of the mid-summer while they wait for real football action to start again in August. Some of the stronger candidates of the eight prospects available for the Supplemental Draft, including Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon, are looking to hold Pro Day workouts in advance of the draft.

Gordon is expected to be the certain choice off of the board. Some entire drafts have come and gone without a player selected so many of these prospects are likely to fall off completely. However, Gordon is considered a sure thing and Mel Kiper, Jr. had him as a potential fourth round selection.

You can find a complete rundown of the draft, how it works and the eligible players here.