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Tamba Hali Is Ranked No. 3 Among Top 40 Players Of AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs rank several guys among the top NFL players in the AFC West in ESPN's Bill Williamson's countdown of the division's top 40, but none stand taller than Tamba Hali, the first non-quarterback on Williamson's list at No. 3 overall. It's not a surprise to both see Hali ranked that high yet to also see Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers listed as the two top players in the AFC West.

Jamaal Charles comes next at No. 7 overall and would have likely been a top five choice if he wasn't out for nearly all of last season with an ACL injury. Safety Eric Berry and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe make up the No. 9 and 10 spots, giving the Chiefs four of the top 10.

Derrick Johnson comes in at No. 11 and Eric Winston, the team's new right tackle, is at No. 16. The Chiefs, in short, have a lot of impressive talent at multiple positions -- all except quarterback. However, Williamson does rank Cassel high enough at No. 19 to make you wonder. That's higher than most would likely put him -- or else it shows just how important the position is for Williamson.