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Kansas City Chiefs Offseason 2012: Time Running Out To Lock Up Dwayne Bowe, Long-Term

NFL teams have until July 16th to secure franchised players to new deals, otherwise they'll be playing out the 2012 season and become free-agents in 2013. The Kansas City Chiefs are one of those teams who have a decision to make on wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.

CBS Sports NFL Insider, Jason La Canfora has broken down players and teams facing this dilemma for the upcoming season and also gave odds on the likliihood of the player signing a long-term deal with their current team.

Here's what he had to say about Bowe whom he gives "weak" odds of signing a long-term deal in KC:

Bowe, who hasn't signed his tag, has done some special stuff with Matt Cassel, but how long will Cassel be running the show at quarterback? It certainly seems there could be more transition to come on the offensive side of the ball unless the overall productivity greatly spikes. Seeing how 2012 plays out and then making long-term decisions at quarterback and receiver could be a smart approach for the Chiefs, especially if some of their draft picks start to develop more rapidly.

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