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Dexter McCluster Remains Unsettled In Third Season With Kansas City Chiefs

Being a man without a position can be a problematic role for many players in the National Football League. If a team doesn't properly know how to utilize a player, then that player can often find themselves off of that roster. Yet if the player doesn't have a position because of the many skills they can bring, he can become a swiss-army knife of sorts, being utilized in more ways than just one. That's the role that Dexter McCluster is hoping for with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Heading into his third NFL season, McCluster still hasn't found a home. He's a return man, wide receiver, third down back and yet none of them stick. While one believes that Devon Wylie might replace him on the roster, another will say he's a dynamic weapon who should thrive in Brian Daboll's new offense a la Reggie Bush or Charles Clay.

McCluster's remarks at camp show he's saying the right things by talking up points about versatility.

"They have been asking me to do a lot of different positions: running back, slot receiver, punt return, and kick return," said McCluster. "I think that makes me more versatile and it gives me different outlets to get on the field."

McCluster says he's not frustrated by the lack of permanency in one place. Instead, he says he relishes the chance to do several things on the field.

"I like the fact that I can play multiple roles," said McCluster. "I like the challenge. I feel that the running back coach and the wide receiver coach are doing just as much to help me get batter at that position as the next one, so right now I feel like I am mastering both."

Ultimately it comes down to trust, and that's what McCluster mentions when it comes to his new offensive coordinator. The coach has to not only trust the player, but a guy like McCluster has to feel that his coordinator knows best how to use his talents.

"Coach [Brian] Daboll really knows his offense," said McCluster. "It's something that has worked in the past for him and he stuck with it. It opens up a lot of play-making abilities and eliminates the negatives and ultimately heightens the strengths."

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