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NFL Fans Have Mixed Opinions About Matt Cassel's Talent

Eight thousand-plus votes later, Kansas City Chiefs fans still can't make up their mind about starting quarterback Matt Cassel. An informal poll over at ESPN put up by AFC West writer Bill Williamson has enough votes where a definite opinion should be able to be crowdsourced. Instead, the poll is incredibly split right down the middle. In short, 50 percent of responders believe Cassel is the man for the job. That also means 50 percent do not.

That sentiment can be found in the chorus of boos that found Cassel as the recent celeb softball game during the recent 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star festivities in Kansas City. It can also be found in the fan support he receives at training camp who point to the fact that he was just a Pro Bowl quarterback in 2010. At this point, no one quite knows what to think of Cassel. Only time will tell.