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Kansas City Chiefs Camp: Brandon Flowers Injured

This isn't exactly the news the Kansas City Chiefs or Chiefs fans are looking for, but it's news nonetheless. Brandon Flowers left Tuesday night's practice because of an injury -- and those close to the action claim that Flowers injured his ankle.

From Arrowhead Pride:

Brandon Flowers left early, apparently with an injury. I'm not exactly sure what happened and didn't see the specific injury. He did come walking off the field, took his pads off and then rode in the front seat of a golf cart back to the locker room. Those who saw it are saying ankle. That's about all I know. Romeo will talk on Thursday where we could hear an update.

Hopefully for the Chiefs and Flowers, the injury isn't too severe. More news should come in the coming days, but given that Romeo Crennel comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree, I wouldn't expect lots of details coming from the Chiefs regarding the injury.

For the latest on the Chiefs, be sure to check out Arrowhead Pride.

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