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Chiefs Vs. Rams: Five Signs Of Life For Kansas City

Last night against the St. Louis Rams, the Kansas City Chiefs looked like a complete opposite version of the team that came out the week before against the Arizona Cardinals. One week, the offense is moving; the next, they're turning the ball over. One week the defense dominates and lands seven sacks; the next, the lifeless Rams put up 31. It's the sort of inconsistent showing that can drive everyone crazy for a week.

Still there are some gems to be found among the frustration and we wanted to focus on the bright side this Sunday morning. Here's five signs of life from the Chiefs-Rams game from last night:

1. Brady Quinn
The Chiefs need a back-up quarterback to step up in some way, and Quinn might have just done just that last night with a solid showing late in the game that featured a final stat line of 5 of 6 for 70 yards and 1 touchdown to Jeremy Horne. While Quinn was playing against subpar competition, Quinn was efficient, threw the deep ball and looked incredible compared to Ricky Stanzi.

2. Dexter McCluster
Once again the Chiefs targeted him four time in limited playing time last night, and it's clear that Brian Daboll is intent on seeing exactly what he has in the Chiefs former second round choice. In the end, McCluster's stats weren't that inspiring with three catches for 23 yards, but chemistry is the focus in preseason and Daboll figuring out McCluster is a very good thing.

3. Matt Cassel
The good news: the four Chiefs turnovers did not originate with him. A Jon Baldwin fumble, a Ricky Stanzi fumble and interception, a Nate Eachus fumble. Those are the totals which means that the Chiefs offense should look a lot more efficient when it comes to the regular season than it did here in week one. Cassel's final line: 13 of 18 for 142 yards.

4. Roles are solidifying
Javier Arenas took the only punt returns and one kick return, while the only other returners were Devon Wylie (1 KR) and Mikail Baker (roster fodder). With McCluster receiving some attention among the wideouts, it means that some of these "tweeners" on the roster are finding their place. McCluster is landing among the receiving corps in some versatile role, Wylie will likely land on special teams from the outset and Arenas/Wylie as the primary return men.

5. Dwayne Bowe is back
Let's be honest, there's nothing else to really feel good about. The Chiefs o-line gave up five sacks to the Rams. Sam Bradford scored at will on the Chiefs passing defense. Kendrick Lewis went down for a secondary that's already playing without Brandon Flowers. The Chiefs running game couldn't get anything going and the team turned it over four times. That makes the arrival of the team's greatest receiver ideal.

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