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Romeo Crennel Speaks Out About Ricky Stanzi's Poor Preseason Performance For Chiefs

Ricky Stanzi had a miserable performance for the Kansas City Chiefs in their latest preseason performance against the St. Louis Rams, playing himself to the bottom of the depth chart as Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel showed much better. A 3-4 throwing performance for 24 yards with an interception and a fumble won't help his chances as he pushes toward hopefully getting the backup position for KC behind Cassel.

Quotes by Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel from after the game would seem to indicate that he doesn't see much doom and gloom in Stanzi's performance, merely some bad luck and at times, bad protection:

"It's always tough to get a true evaluation with the circumstances the way they were," Crennel said. "Some of the protection he had wasn't as good as it could have been. But he tried to run the offense. Maybe he wasn't as solid as he normally is, but in looking at the things he did and the things he's capable of doing ... he was looking at the right places but there were times he wasn't able to deliver the ball because somebody was in his face and now he pulled it down and things happened.

Stanzi will get another chance to show his stuff against the Seahawks on Friday. The former fifth-round pick will need to pick his game up in the last two games of preseason if he wants to keep a high profile on the Chiefs.

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