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Kevin Boss Prepared To Do Whatever It Takes To Help Chiefs

It wasn't too long ago that Kevin Boss was the breakout tight end for the New York Giants in a postseason run that put Boss on the map as a pass-catching option that opened up the Giants' offense a bit more. The ultimate reward was a four-year contract with the Oakland Raiders in the open market. Unfortunately for both sides, it didn't work out after an injury plagued year and Boss was released after one year into the deal.

This offseason, however, Boss has become a nice bounce-back option for the Kansas City Chiefs on the open market. With Tony Moeaki at tight end, the team already has a well-rounded starter in place, but Moeaki's injury history leaves little confidence that he'll be a mainstay at the position for an entire season.

Having another tight end who can catch the ball is key for the Chiefs. Yet that player also needs to be able to handle "A little bit of everything when Moeaki is around. That's what Kevin Boss says he's excited to do for Kansas City.

"I feel my strength is being able to do a little bit of everything as a tight end. I feel comfortable whether they ask me to run block, pass block, catch the ball, I feel comfortable doing it all and I think that's important as a tight end to be well-rounded.

"They ask us to do it all. That's something we need to be comfortable in, doing all that, and I do."

Boss has been excited to get out there in the preseason so far and earn some solid stats, including a team leading 62 receiving yards against the St. Louis Rams in the team's second preseason game.

"Yeah, it's great. It's nice to get out there and catch a few balls and get involved in the offense and hopefully it carries on throughout the preseason and carries over into the regular season."

Despite the recent 31-17 loss to the Rams, Boss has been around enough to know a solid team when he sees one, and that's exactly what he believes the Chiefs are.

"I think we've got a real strong team. If you look from top to bottom at each position, we're deep. It's a very finely-run organization and it's a classy organization and I'm happy to be part of it."

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